The Chicago based gay activist, poet and author Jon-Henri Damski perceptively wrote: "The mind opens doors, the hand cannot reach." Our work at the Deviant Minds, NFP is dedicated to exploring paradigm shifting lifestyle choices that deviate from commonly accepted norms, as well as promoting new possibilities in humanistic thinking and self expression. Educational and interactive programs like the Deviant Minds Salon podcast, Chicago SexFest 2013, as well as the Let's Talk About Sex discussion series were created to facilitate this goal.

Now in 2014, is OUT OF THE BOX: MULTIVERSE THINKING a series of collaborative presentations by speakers who are passionate about sharing their diverse of viewpoints concerning the nexus of science and spirituality. This project is attempting to show where rational, empiricist methods meet with mystical, magickal mindsets, using bridge topics like nature of consciousness, synchronicity and human sexuality. Instead of debating the efficacy of one approach over the other, our premise is that both pragmatic materialists and ecstatic mystics can be visionaries. To do this they must eschew culturally imposed taboo's, useless dogma and limiting belief systems. The idea that there might be dimensions beyond the four we are familiar with and alternative realities like multiversal existence are common in science fiction. When this type of philosophical speculation is validated by practical applications, it's easy to see how mystery becomes meaning. The fine line that separates mental illness from shamanic genius is important to examine, as are cosmological connections between matter and energy/spirit. There may be no concrete answers to the Big Questions: like "What is Reality?" and "Does God exist?," but it's certainly worthwhile to be creative and use our imaginations to think Outside of the Box.

We believe The Box is represented by rigid ways of thinking. Our purpose is to explode it and see how the mind, body and spirit are sacred, synergic and transformative when free to soar.