For those who like to THINK and are interested in the crossroads between science and mysticism, The Deviant Minds, NFP explores alternative ways of thinking and paradigm shifting lifestyle choices that deviate from the norm. Educational and interactive programs like the Deviant Minds Salon podcast, Chicago SexFest 2013, as well as the Let's Talk About Sex discussion series were created to facilitate this goal.


Now in 2014, is OUT OF THE BOX and MULTIVERSE THINKING: a series of collaborative presentations by speakers who bring a diversity of perspectives on questions that concern the nexus of science, sex and spirituality.

For the time being we will focus on the meaning of mysticism and magick juxtaposed with rational empiricist viewpoints -- important mindsets if we are to ponder the nature of consciousness, our "spirit", its connection with our bodies and perceived reality. The idea that there might be dimensions beyond the four we are familiar with and alternative realities like multiversal existence are common in science fiction. While our salon style discussions may stray into more speculative philosophical realms at times, we hope that these talks will be well grounded by the logical positivists on the panel who are not easily swayed by unprovable belief systems. Everything ~mysterious~ that's worth pondering is fair game. 

What is reality? looms large here, as well as the relationship of matter to energy/spirit. Our premise does not involve "Religion" in any traditional sense yet godforms, entities, egregores and the Sacred are important.

We believe The Box is dogma and rigid ways of thinking. Our purpose is to explode it and see how the mind, body and spirit are synergic and transformative when free to soar.