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The purpose of this website is to be a repository of facts and means in re-establishing a proper Theology for the ancient rites of the Heiros Gamos. The reason this is important is because whether or not the world at large believes in mystics and their interactions with "entities" or "conscious energy," it's a real exchange and not allowed a voice. Mystics are as marginalized today as any other group and are often forced to not speak or be seen in their respective societies often to be relegated as either malicious or even worse, foolish. The ancients accepted their relationships with entities as with anybody else and established rites such as the Hieros Gamos to accommodate reciprocal exchanges.

As in any relationship, many of these were/are sexual (see St. Therese of Avilla for example) to better understand what we are dealing with.  

I believe this "Theology" will not only create an opening  a better understanding entities, but will also serve to:

  • Bring back our understanding of what makes the Sacred Marriage sacred;
  • Develop a new respect for sex as part of the "divine" processes;
  • Create a bridge that lessens the schism between the living and immortality in concrete terms; 
  • Bring a renewed respect to our physical bodies; and
  • Find out what consciousness even means.   

    Hopefully then we can carve our way for society to better understand that the significance of sex is in its healing, not its entertainment.

We were never intended to be a religion -- but after 6,000 years, the First Born (Nephilim) have completed what they were doing here and are leaving. David and I were "Called" to facilitate their departure. Our spirituality can be defined within the language and context of a "Natural Religion" through both Spinoza and William James.

For me, there is no difference between spirituality and science. All Hume, James and Spinoza asked of their spiritualities was to make some sense. They wanted the "magick" to be real. I do not believe they were skeptics, they simply wanted people to think for themselves - experience their own wonders. If something surprising happened, find out what it is!!!! Today, our men of learning will dismiss something without proof, slapping on a label of the extraordinary and shelving PERHAPS for later investigation. Labels are nonproductive without rigorous exploration - so these men of learning tell us. I say many labels are nonproductive. The label "DELUSION" for example, may be convenient but it's no fun and not academic! Consciousness is one of Science's greatest mysteries. Deviant Minds is first about the "Journey" which explores different and strange things that unexpectedly happens in our four-dimensional existence; but as important to us exploring "conscious energy beings" outside the realm of religion and into the scope of their interaction with concrete reality. This said, The Deviant Minds is a repository, our purpose being -- to re-establish the practice and advocacy of the Hieros Gamos in our secularized ascetic society. We are advocating the rite to celebrate a social reunion of spirit and man in all our joy and ecstasy. Towards this end since I retired in 2005, my life has been about researching social structures that define the sacred in our modern mundane world. 

And since I brought up asceticism, the point I'd like to focus on is the irony of the American perspectives on sex. Everything my explorations, experience and research tells me is that sex is a vital part of our universe's ability to regenerate and heal. That's what healing is - a regeneration of cells. Some of those cells and processes come from the brain. That is our first point of contact. 

I'm improving this site every day, my purpose, as much as ever, is to create an environment fertile enough for a continued eye-opening exploration that can explode our perceptions realities to see how the mind, body and spirit are sacred, synergic, integrated, transformative and free to soar. As the Chicago based gay activist, poet and author Jon-Henri Damski perceptively wrote: "The mind opens doors, the hand cannot reach." 









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