For me there is no difference between spirituality and science. All Hume, James and Spinoza asked of their spiritualities was to make some sense. They wanted the "magick" to be real. I do not believe they were skeptics, they simply wanted people to think for themselves - experience their own wonders. If something surprising happened, find out what it is!!!! Today, our men of learning will dismiss something without proof, slapping on a label of the extraordinary and shelving PERHAPS for later investigation. Labels are nonproductive without rigorous exploration - so these men of learning tell us. I say many labels are nonproductive. The label "DELUSION" for example, may be convenient but it's no fun and not academic! Consciousness is one of Science's greatest mysteries. Deviant Minds is first about the "Journey" which explores different and strange things that unexpectedly happens in our four dimensional existence; but as important to us exploring "conscious energy beings" outside the realm of religion and into the scope of their interaction with concrete reality. This said, The Deviant Minds is a repository, our purpose being -- to re-establish the practice and advocacy of the Hieros Gamos in our secularized ascetic society. We are advocating the rite to celebrate a social reunion of spirit and man in all our joy and ecstasy. Towards this end since I retired in 2005, my life has been about researching social structures that define the sacred in our modern mundane world. 

First I finished my degree in Religious Studies at DePaul University in 2009 and took a post-graduation trip to Thunderbay Canada to participate in a sweat with an Anishinaabe Social Worker, "Roy," his Elder and 3 of my friends. I have found many opportunities to use the approach Anishinaabe take toward life regardless of their political, social, familial and personal challenges. Though the nature of their relationships with Spirit are not in any way, shape or form erotic, they are able to interact with the healing aspects of their energy beings with others, whether or not Indian. Roy, mentored me into his world, teaching me etiquette, definitions of what their label of Indian meant and applications for their beliefs in my own everyday life. My spiritual community because of its beliefs in the sexualized aspects of Spirit and healing, we are separated from American society. Roy was very careful to not share the name of either himself or his Elder with the world in relation to us, though he did say he was told ours was important work, but not their jobs "at this time."

The purpose of this website is to be a repository of facts and means in developing a proper Theology for Heiros Gamos to take its place in society. I believe this will serve in bringing the sacred and respect for sex and its part in the "divine," create a bridge to lessen the schism between the living and immortality in concrete terms, bring respect to our physical bodies and our lives, find out what consciousness even means as we being to carve a way for our society to better understand that the significance of sex in its healing, not its entertainment value that has provided sustenance as human beings. 

We were never intended to be a religion; but after 6,000 years, the First Born (Nephilim) have completed what they were doing here and are in the process of leaving. David and I were "Called" to facilitate their departure. Our spirituality can be defined within the language and context of a "Natural Religion" through both Spinoza and William James.

We're noting do it alone. We've had amazing help. The OTO greatly honored  us by inviting us to host the The Sacred Marriage numerous times and give workshops on sacred sexuality and the divine feminine as well as celebrate Hieros Gamos at Babalon Rising ( in Indiana since 2010e were also invited twice to bring the rites to Camp Gaia in Kansas.

To better clarify a spirituality incorporating the Hieros Gamos, my husband, David and I hosted a podcast, The Deviant Minds Salon from 2011-2012 to explore spirituality, whether from a community, religion, politic or anything connecting human beings' spirit with their environment, no matter how outrageous that spirituality might be. (hear for the point) We engaged Lyris,  a Wiccan, Gardnerian, neuroscientist, Drake Spaeth, a clinical psychotherapist, sacred sex practitioner, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, tantra practitioners, Freddie Weaver and Elsbeth Mueth as well as Sasha and Janet Lessin and Charles Muir . We caught Barbara Carellas on Leap Year Day, February 29, 2012 and Annie Sprinkle a week later. We talked to the Trans activist, poet and pagan priest, Lee Harrington and Master/Slave kinksters Dan/dawn as well as gender activitist Raven Caldera and his partner, Josh; OTO celebrity, Lon Milo DuQuette, the late Donald Michael Kraig and Hermetic practitioner Jason Newcomb.  It had a fireside approach so even if sometimes the better known guests triggered some of our geekier reactions, this weekly "show" gave us plenty of opportunities to personally ask people we'd not ordinarily be able to touch pointed questions. I loved it. 

In 2014, OUT OF THE BOX: MULTIVERSE THINKING was a series of collaborative presentations by speakers who are passionate about sharing their diverse of viewpoints concerning the nexus of science and spirituality. This project attempted to show where rational, empiricist methods meet with mystical, magickal mindsets, using bridge topics like nature of consciousness, synchronicity and human sexuality. Instead of debating the efficacy of one approach over the other, our premise was that both pragmatic materialists and ecstatic mystics can be visionaries. To do this they must eschew culturally imposed taboo's, useless dogma and limiting belief systems. The idea that there might be dimensions beyond the four we are familiar with and alternative realities like multiversal existence are common in science fiction. When this type of philosophical speculation is validated by practical applications, it's easy to see how mystery becomes more meaningful - and understandable. The fine line that separates mental illness from shamanic genius is important to examine, as are cosmological connections between matter and energy/spirit. There may be no concrete answers to the Big Questions: like "What is Reality?" and "Does God exist?," but it's certainly worthwhile to be creative and use our imaginations to think Outside of the Box.

I  believe my life from 2005 to the present stretched and will continue to affect concepts and personal opinions, experiences and  popular rigid ways of thinking. Probably exploring sexuality seems a distraction from our purpose here, but I promise you it is NOT. Many experiences with Transcendents are sexual because there is an "energy exchange" between these beings and mortals. I am NOT saying every person with a Spirit Guide has a sexual relationship with them, but some do. One example known to everybody is St. Teresa of Avila. Wiki her, she's quite amazing. This is why understanding our sexual polarities is more important than identifying gender. This is why we have to rethink prostitution. It's a socialization process and until we are conscious of our amazing, surprising, healing and boundary breaking interactions, then we won't see why it's so important our society reorganizes its approach to taboos and a more sophisticated insight about what is and is not evil. Or what is and is not Sacred.

The irony about sex is that it is a vital part of our universe's ability to regenerate and heal. That's what healing is - a regeneration of cells. Some of those cells and processes come from the brain. That is our first point of contact. 

I'm improving this site every day, my purpose, as much as ever, is to create an environment fertile enough for a continued eye-opening exploration that can explode our perceptions realities to see how the mind, body and spirit are sacred, synergic, integrated, transformative and free to soar. As the Chicago based gay activist, poet and author Jon-Henri Damski perceptively wrote: "The mind opens doors, the hand cannot reach." 










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