THE STORY: If you know anything about the Tree of Life, the 4th card is going to upset you. My apologies. The 4th  card in the Tree of Life is Da’at or the Transcendent. He is the keeper of occult knowledge. About Da’at, Scholem says:

From the end of the 13th century onward, a complimentary Sefirah called Da’at (knowledge) appears between Hochmah and Binah a kind of harmonizing of the two that was not considered a separate Sefirah, but rather ‘the external aspect of Keter.’  This addition arose from the desire to see each group of three Sefirot as a unit compromising opposing attributes and as a synthesis which finally resolved them. (See Scholem: Kabblah p. 107)

Because the 4th member of our Monad is Transcended, He is our Teacher of the Mysteries (our “Abu”).

My soul mate transcended 5,000 years ago. I had a strong encounter with Him when I was 17 years old. To begin, many transcendents have partners still working through their mortality. This is why you get such extreme encounters like St. Teresa of Avila who I have as our patron saint (if you will) on our front page. Another extreme encounter was Jack Parson’s power encounter with the Being he knew to be “Babylon” which contact fueled the Babylon Working which readied the “Moon Child” to accept her physical incarnation and ignite the new Aeon as foretold by Aleister Crowley.

In order to interact with their partners, Transcendents will often temporarily walk into a mortal partner to complete the physical act.  I’d had a few boyfriends, but Billl who was the first sexual partner to unvirgin me had lived across the street for years, but I only personally connected with him in my senior year of High School when he was 19.

I had a very small bedroom at the front of a 4 room house which was probably building in half the front porch to create this tiny room. It was large enough though for a dresser, a narrow bed and a night table. My window opened to the front yard and street. My room was attached to the living room and then my mothers bedroom on the other side. The house was creepy to me. I would often feel it, especially when I was attempting to fall asleep. Often he’d come over and sit on the edge of the bed waiting for me to get drowsy enough to finally pass out. One night I heard the door click shut as he left the house and I was just between conscious and unconsciousness. Suddenly, I felt the edge of my bed decline as if someone were sitting down when I opened my eyes, and there on the same spot on the bed was the shadow of Bill as if it had come right off the wall to sit in his exact same place for this was an exact outline of his physical self and was in the same posture he had been just minutes before.

Stunned, I closed my eyes, thinking it would go away, but when I opened them again, he was still there. We were motionless as if at an impasse as I began to panic. Eventually it rose up from my bed, extended its arms to the side and walked backwards into the wall. I ran into my mother’s room to sleep that night.

Years later when David and I began channeling, He (Abu) said I was releasing so much energy, he had no way to stay hidden.

GEMATRIA:  (200) The Transcendent part of KETER picks up the EXOTERIC aspect of DA’AT from the 20th letter REISH. “We are taught: the reish is the unholy counterpart of the dalet. If a reish is substituted for the dalet in the word echad, אחד, the word becomes acher, other. The mere removal of the dalet’s yud changes the concept of “one G‑d” to “other gods,” or idol wor­ship. By removing the yud, thus declaring one’s belief in other gods, the Midrash tells us it is as if one is “destroying worlds.”

MEANING: Within Sumer, Abu was Dumuzi, The Jews knew him as Caine. We could see this then, as the Other side of the Torah. It speaks of true things, but from another perspective than what we see here. He also told us that he had no part in killing his brother – so that is a mystery that was left in Dilmun, but became a great king among the Ubaids and Transcended, his death being at the hands of his beloved Inanna.  His ability to reach Truth through any resentment, persecution or betrayal was lofty and earned him a place as an Elder. The knowledge He earned through this ascension was indeed monumental.


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