Angie Buchanan, the foundation and vision for Earth Traditions inspired this card.

The fourteenth letter of the alef-beis is the nun. 

GEMATRIAThe gematria of nun is fifty. There are fifty “gates” or levels of Binah, understanding. The famous question is, why does the Torah tell us to count fifty days after Passover, when immediately afterwards it says to count seven complete weeks, which are only forty-nine days? The answer is that an individual can only attain forty-nine levels of intellect on his own. The fiftieth level, that of transcendence, can only be provided by G‑d. Therefore G‑d says: You do yours and I will do Mine. If you achieve the forty-ninth level, I will bless you with the fiftieth; the highest tier of Binah, understanding.

MEANING: The Zohar tells us that the nun stands for ona’ah—deceit. To the human eye, this world seems to be controlled by the laws of nature, for one cannot see G‑d. or the sons of god which are the nephilim. Our reality holds little place for considering the unseen within the scope of the Tree of Life, we do not concern ourselves with Worlds beyond this one in a mundane reality. We are concerned with our careers, with our stability, our security, but it is very hard to focus on that which we can’t see with our eyes. I believe what this card represents is seeing with insight or with our inner eyes, the place that everything becomes clear to understand.

According to Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin  In Aramaic, nun means a fish. Another meaning of nun is a bar nafli, one who has fallen, or a miscarriage. In the Torah portion entitled Balak, the prophet Bilaam prophesizes the coming of two kings. The first one is King David. The Midrash states that David was originally supposed to have died through a miscarriage. He was able to survive only because Adam (the first man) bequeathed David seventy of his own years.  Mashiach, a descendant of David, is called a bar nafli literally translated as the “son of one who has fallen,” or a miscarriage. A miscarriage causes great pain and suffering to the mother and to those close to her. 

And further: In conclusion, nun, which represents humility, is the vessel for all of G‑d’s blessings. Intellectually, when one is humble, one acquires the fiftieth (and crowning)level of understanding; on a material level, one attains abundant material wealth through his ability to “multiply like a fish.” Angie has been recognized by her peers in the pagan community and has earned some renown through her work in Gaia’s Womb and Earth Traditions.  Gaia’s Womb is an effort to lend spiritual support to women who have experienced crisis such as miscarriages.  It’s well within reason to see the esoteric purposes of this sefira and card as the final steps toward understanding before entering into the World of Nature and how these final stages work to unify ourselves with the Divine. The fact that King David was supposed to have died from a miscarriage and survived only through a miracle is very interesting and I believe shows exactly how appropriate  is Angie is as an icon for the inner meaning in this position.

Deep insight and understanding that heals and returns the heart and mind to a state of equalibrium after crisis and tragedy.


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