If you’ve ever read cards, you’d have noticed the devil in the back holding to chains attached to a man and a woman possessed by his power. I’ve played on that theme in this card, taking an image from a rite we did years ago and putting me and David beneath the Anzu Bird of Sumerian mythology. The concept of Evil didn’t actually appear until after Alexander opened the civilized world to the Persian devil Mithrism around 300 BCE which is about the time coincidentally(?) that the Book of Enoch appeared on the Mediterranean.

Many still believe the Luciferian invocation Isaiah 14:12-17 against King Nebuchadnezzar II in 600 BCE was a definition as promoted by the Catholic Church in Europe during the Middle Ages to keep the population in line. I realize the “Fallen Angel” motif was an effective PR campaign for control as many power mongers have always used Religious icons. Nephilim did not “Fall” and in fact if you read your religious history, Jesus was as much a Nephilim as Lucifer, but that’s a conversation beyond our card descriptions. What’s interesting here is that even as the Hebrew letters have been helpful in ferreting out Tree of Life card descriptions, the 15th letter, Samech stands for support and healing. What’s that about? I would say it works well if you understand early Jewish myth around the Satan. Also, Gevorah is said to be Lilith, Eve’s darker side. Lilith as the mother of countless souls that died daily, would need healing, otherwise, we’d have a deeply wounded daemon that who fortunately is being well supported by Lucifer, her partner who’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing. Because I understand the context, I am completely comfortable with Lucifer as “the Satan” being there for his beloved in the 5th Sefira, across from the En in the Psychic World.

GEMATRIA: (60) In Gematria this letter stands for the Priestly Blessing. 

MEANING: The Anzu Bird stole the “me” defined as the Tablets of Destiny from Enlil which has much in common as the tale of Inanna stealing the “me” from Enki about 1,000 years before.  Lucifer, in my Sacred Marriage deck would have the power then to invoke a Priestly Blessing.


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