THE STORY: The 16 card traditionally represents enlightenment that crashes through the sand that our power bases are built on. The binary on the top left hand corner represents the clash between the Executive Branch and the military during JFK’s presidency. Apparently Kennedy had control of a fail safe button that would set off a nuclear bomb. The military felt this responsibility should be their responsibility so through some nefarious means they found a way to change the President’s password to one that they would easily remember which was 8 zeros. The 1 represents their GO button. The Anola Gay’s on the bottom right flying away after  dropping the bomb on Heroshima. The rocket in the middle is Space X’s Falcon 9, founded by Paypal magnate Elron Musk who (as far as I can tell) is attempted to privatize the space program and colonize Mars. This then becomes a 16 Tower to the United States space program.



MEANING: The Jewish focus for a leader is being able to “see,” and through seeing one can lead others to salvation. Naturally I wasn’t surprised that this letter landed on Hesed where the esoteric side of the Priest King is revealed. Enlightenment is the power behind the Tower in Tarot, but the Jewish meaning of “seeing” as in insight, psychic vision as well as being able to see with one’s eyes allows the meaning to transition through all three worlds of the Divine, Sacred and Natural. Salvation comes when one sees the purpose of placing one’s focus on the highest ideals and realities and that’s the surest way of breaking through the seduction of power to an objective Truth.

There is another aspect of this to be touched on which is the filters through which we see that are dependent on the our roles that we need to fill toward the higher purpose. We all have a reason for being whether we see with conservative or liberal perspectives. Ask any thespian. Every stage has a left, right and center and all are vital for the purpose of the play. Drake  for example as the #4 priest-king – Dalet defines his role as a Chicago Pagan Leader, academic and spiritual healer where his wife, Angie who anchors a national pagan piece to our global religious perspective I believe define every aspect of Ayin.




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