THE STORY: The Mesopotamian Morning Star shares a deep history with Western European Mythology through an odd Inanna/Luciferian connection.  As seen in the 15th card, the first appearance of our “Lord of Darkness” (not to be taken seriously) is the Azu Bird. The Lucifer we know as the Morning star was evoked by Isaiah (Isaiah 14:12)  to symbolize the Nebuchadnezzar II’s apparent tyranny toward the Jews 600 BC. The name Lucifer is actually a latinized name for morning star. Rome’s connection with Lucifer came through their acquisition of Arabia who were affiliated with the Canaanites. Canaanites generally took Babylonian deities and switched the gender changing the Mesopotamian Ishtar/Inanna to a Canaanite Attar the consort to Athtart, known better to us as the Greek Astarte and then the Romans named him Lucifer. Lucifer being named as a fallen deity happens first in the King James version the direct translation though being: How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations.


GEMATRIA:  (80) 

MEANING: There is a story told by Crowley in his Book of Thoth that while McKenzie was codifying the new scientific deck he was hired by Elphias Levi to construct, he had a problem with the 17th image and removed it. Crowley said in an inspired moment Crowley put this cast off 17th image into the IV or from what I  understand to be the Hermetic Emperor. The 17th letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Beis is Pei, whose most relevant meaning to me is communication as in a king speaking to his people, but when you think about it through some modes of communication it seems what had always been a minor pretentious consort to Ishtar in the ancient world to a major force of darkness for our culture. The propaganda of the Middle Ages and Renaissance within Christianity and Inquisition found its way into modern day magick through the Golden Dawn. Propaganda is a very compelling story communicated to others who are vulnerable into believing in the seduction of stronger forces. Personally I see it as a fetish or Jungian shadow on the part of those that hope to be wanted and compelled beyond their free will. There is another use for Pei as the story that is transferred from one person to another in the form of a lesson. I believe there are forces that want to cause me psychic harm that I consider evil, but again there needs to be better information communicated that distinguishes a xenophobic fear from an enemy.

Yet a third use for Pei is a need to learn to speak up and communicate your own boundaries, or communicate your own love.

Traditionally the star can mean hope and optimism which can work with Communication, but I also see communication useful in setting out goals and setting out the plans for carrying out those goals.  The 17th letter as Pei symbolically represented by the Morning Star is the Esoteric side of Hochmah which in this new deck is under the structures of the Magician represented by David. I’m sure it’s not by accident David was trained by Medil, Northwestern’s School of Journalism and has been the primary voice for our Temple, Terra Incognita.

If the East is heaven and the star of the morning rises in the East, I set my sites on the Morning Star to guide me home.


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