THE STORY: So much of understanding the point to the Sacred Marriage cards is believing that there are carnate, incarnate and transcendent beings and that they interact with one another through our imaginations. The more mankind has drifted away from these relationships, the less they need their imagination, except to blow off steam. Emi, a Hungarian immigrant whose husband and children live in a nice home on the next street, her black belt in Karate and is a psychic link bringing us a sense of personal responsibility to the sacred rites as well as a testament in our personal relationship with our soul mates who transform into  transcendent teachers.


THE MEANING:  Emi is the Moon Goddess who resides in the World of Consciousness. She holds the keys that opens the gateways between the Divine and the other two worlds so as mortals we can better access our deities. It reminds us of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus taught us about As Emi constantly tells us about the folly of looking for miracles in our mundane worlds. The answer is very old and told to us over and over again. In order to ease our anxiety we should “strive first for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added onto you. (Matt. 6:33) In other words, you will find the most relief in your connection with your Deity. They live in the World of Cosnciousness, hook into your psychic senses through your “imagination,” and are received by your vessel here in the World of Nature.

According to Rabbi Raskin: The design of a tzaddik is a yud on top of the letter nun. One interpretation of the nun is that it stands for ona’ah, deceit and fraud. By nature, most of us have the misconception that it is the physical world that is the source of ultimate truth and pleasure. But the yud, or Divine intellect, is added to the nun to teach us that the material world is ephemeral, and not the source of consummate goodness and joy. Therefore there must be something truer and more G‑dly upon which to focus. This heightened intention is the essence of the tzaddik.

and we receive this message loud and clear in the 18 Moon.

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