THE STORY: This is a very hard card to explain to others .  The 2nd part o our Monad, Nereida is incarnate walked into the body of a young lady earning her Masters in Social Work.  She joined our cause after I thoroughly explained the ramifications to the BINAH of our carnate, Monad.  Interestingly, Binah’s attribute is Integration and is definitely now an intimate part of the our Mission and lives.  Her union with David and me in this world was an amazing fete for all of us. Nereida as David’s paired partner fulfilled his life long desire and fantasy. A further complication was past-life connections with me as my husband and life partner. As a man, Nereida hadn’t been my “soulmate” (FN Abu), but a “group partner,” with whom I developed extremely tight bonds. As it turned out, it was our past life connections that made it possible for me to step back during our lifetime and give her room to bond and partner with my husband without me leaving my home and marriage. This was extremely painful for me and apparently David as well.

When she joined with us, she was engaged to a young man in Colorado. He was to come to Chicago when she graduated ultimately to move in with her and solidify their relationship before they could move back to Colorado and start their family. At first, he was not concerned about  his fiance’s relationship with David — why would he be as David was 30 years older than they were. But when he got here he was profoundly effected by their relationship= and told me he felt she could actually leave him for David. I asked him where that would leave me? he shrugged. wow. So one day the four of us had dinner together.  Nereida

turned to David in front of me and her fiance and told David she wanted his babies. The young man got up from his seat next to her and sat on my side of the table where he could look at her face to face. He couldn’t believe it. He had already mediated a strong disagreement between his beloved and this “Nereida” and told me he only saw two ways of looking at this: Either his fiance was schizophrenic or she was possessed by a dead person – and neither option was a good life partner prospect.

Monadically speaking, Nereida is the “2” of our quad, which in “Nephilim” terms is the energy collector and sexual battery for our group. Archetypically she would be the most powerful sexual connection David would ever know at least in this lifetime. But where Nereida loved us deeply, her hostess liked us fine – but had a youthful vibrant life.  As you’d expect, this created an awful lot of confusion. We learned a great deal about Nephilim and a great education on Hybrids which I later found  in Dana Redfield’s “Summoned.”  (I’ve outline elsewhere on this website so won’t go into here). But let us say this: there could not be a more poignant lesson for me (or Nereida for that matter) in “Understanding” and Integration than Nereida’s entry into our lives and marriage.


The design of the beis, the second letter of the alef-beis, com­prises three lines: two horizontal and one vertical. These three lines represent the directions east, south, and west. The hori­zontal line on top represents the east. The vertical line is the south, and the horizontal line below is the west. The design of the beis is similar to the path of the sun, which rises in the east and sets in the west. The Midrash states that the letter beis is similar to the construction of the world. “The immediate lesson we derive from the beis is that the world was created incomplete. The job of humankind is thus to complete Creation by perfecting it. “According to my teacher of Kabbalah at DePaul University, the Jews believe the Messiah won’t come until every Jew is enlightened. They take on so much responsibility!  An alternative point of view would be that our world as incomplete is probably accurate, but from our perspective, we’d say the world becomes complete when the Nephilim as the children of the Sons of God, complete their Mission and transcend. We are told that the Nephilim transcending and their unification brings a whole new Aeon of peace.

Furthermore, north represents evil, as it states: “From the north the evil will be released upon all the inhabitants of the land.” G‑d’s declaration is in direct response to Jeremiah’s vision of a bubbling pot whose opening is from the north, a vision that portends the destruction of the first Holy Temple. Babylon, the nation that destroyed the First Holy Temple, in fact, attacked north.

Taking into account that the  five books of Moses was probably written around 600 BCE  as a reaction to Babylonean Captivity in 598 or 597 BCE.  “Evil” was a Persian concept introduced to the Jews (and actually everyone else for that matter) around 538 BCE when the Persian Cyrus the Great conquered Babylonia releasing the Jews and sending them back to Israel. Before this the Israelites had a relationship with their deity and bad things happened when they as a people rebelled or got lazy. Good things happened as a reward when they were cooperative.

Here, though, the teaching says, Understanding that the north represents evil is not enough: we have an obligation to fight to overcome this evil. We also need to recognize that the “open” side, this northern aspect, exists within the individual as well as from without. In a per­son, this is called the yetzer hara—the evil inclination, which tempts and cajoles us to sin. 

So, magickally speaking then, what could a seductive evil from the North imply when its introduced as early as the 2nd letter and the 2nd sefirah and member of the Monad?  Is the question of Evil at HOKHMAH (traditionally the 2nd sefia) meaningful? Since it’s always been implied that Evil and the potential for evil comes from the woman, then it is possible BINAH was always meant to be the 2nd Sephirah.

TWO represents duality and plural­ity. Everything in Creation was created in pairs. Man and woman, male and female. This bifurcation informs us for BINAH to create, to reproduce, two are required.

So, as the Great Mother of all things that follow – It is fitting she represents Creation of Life and Home.

MEANING: BINAH symbolizes Understanding . In tarot she’s the Empress of which I believe is the role she is suppose to play in our group. The sefirot and “tarotic archetype” sees this spot for the Sacred Mother belonging in the first of three worlds, the World of Spirit (Intelligence). In my opinion, I think the Jewish Kabbalah was successful at symbolizing the progress of an entity who is meeting his Consort. It is hard to believe that Georg Wilhelm Frederick Hegel didn’t have a working knowledge of Jewish Kabbalah as he developed Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis. We’ll see this clearly through BINAH’s relationship with the 3rd Sefirah, HOKHMAH which is on the Entity’s left symbolizing the male attributes. I realize in Kabbalah a progressive flow would go first to our right – HOKHMAH (naturally) being the 2nd Sefirot (or card) of the Tree. But after applying the affect of the 2nd letter of the Aleph beit with BINAH, it seems natural for the entity’s passage to go to Its right instead where her attribute comes second.

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