If I do make another deck, I wish I didn’t have to call it Tarot. I’d like to honor the Hermetics and perhaps carve out another track separate from theirs to avoid confusion – or maybe I’m kidding myself — with all the similarities the uninitiated won’t be able to tell the difference anyway. But we will so while I’m looking at the archetypes, I’ll begin examining Gevorah in the Jewish Kabbalah’s Psychic World and their view of demonology. As far as I can tell, a Hermetic Goetia is a far cry from an energy-being, but maybe not. Perhaps I’ve just not had a lot of experience with Goetia

I am clearly not a scholar. I hate expensive words like “autochthonous” which Gershom Scholem used in his book “Origins of the Kabbalah.” I looked it up – it means indigenous. Scholem was Israeli, but spoke and wrote English fluently. He spoke and wrote in many languages which is why he could speak about Kabbalah to the world.  Scholem was a great scholar.

Unfortunately, I cannot decode the ancient texts. Fortunately, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Enuma Elish, Rosetta Stone, all did not have to wait for me to reveal their amazing secrets. I am a Eidolamancer and Tarologist, focuses for which we’re not going to find in any University I know of. If a Theologian speaks for their religion of choice, then in that context I can be legitimately called a Theologian for a tradition that has been long buried in Mesopotamian sands. I am also one of Lilith’s High Priestesses who ran Her temple (Terra Incognita) in Chicago. I believe Lilith is a Power through the same Sumerian track as Ayelward claims. But I hold absolutely no accolade recognized by either my culture or society. What that means is that even though every word I write is true as far as I can tell, I’m doing it for free – and loving it.

facade of inanna's temple

Like a scholar, though, I have an agenda and much like many scholars am prejudiced about what I’m seeing.  As I’ve said, I was shocked in the Spring of 2009, when a very sweet rabbi, teaching a class about Kabbalah consisting of 3 students, claimed the 9th sefirot was the Hieros Gamos and there are 22 letters to the Hebrew alphabet just like the Major Arcanum in a deck of Tarot cards. As I’ve said before, Kabbalists sincerely believe there is no wrong way to interpret Kabbalah so when I focused on Kabbalah’s influence on Tarot – he had to give me an A as long as I included PaRDeS in my paper. But the Rabbi also taught us that the Kabbalah was a product of the Zohar which Scholem claims it was NOT. Clearly the rabbi’s source from the University of Chicago’s Dept. of Jewish Theology or whatever that department is, who was a fan of Gershom Scholem (we were required to read “Kabbalah and its Symbolism” in class) had not read Scholem’s “Origin of the Kabbalah.” It’s too bad, because what is so impressive about the Kabbalah’s central structure is that its not bound by Religious constructs which is why the Hermetics found it so accessible, but rather was pieced together from influences that weren’t necessarily Jewish sympathizers.

I repeat, it was clear to most of my instructors at DePaul that I wasn’t an incredibly brilliant student, but they were intrigued and frequently surprised by my vision which is actually a product of Ayelward and the Pool of Transendents saturating my life. It seems heinous to make claims to visions I can’t prove, but it feels disingenuous to claim my visions are actually my own. They’re not. Here’s one: Ayelward tells me the structure of the Tarot goes back to the Chaldeans and the Kabbalah was influenced by the Tarot, not the other way around.

PLEASE don’t think I believe every little thing Ayelward says. PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE. But what I will do is read and go back as far as I can. It’s not about the goal, is it? — but the process. And often They give you misinformation just so you have to find the Truth for yourself. I’ll tell you about the Hopi Indians sometime. That’s a great story. But, to stay on topic, one large influence seems to have come from the Gnostic Valentinus. He said there were 3 kinds of people: The Spiritual which compromised of his own followers who were going to the highest heaven, the Psychic for the other Christians going to  lesser heaven and finally, the Material, for the Jews and Pagans who were going to Hell.

The chief sacrament of the Valentinians seems to have been that of the bridal chamber (nymphon). The Gospel of Philip, probably a Valentinian text, reads:

“There were three buildings specifically for sacrifice in Jerusalem. The one facing the west was called “The Holy”. Another, facing south, was called “The Holy of the Holy”. The third, facing east, was called “The Holy of the Holies”, the place where only the high priest enters. Baptism is “the Holy” building. Redemption is the “Holy of the Holy”. “The Holy of the Holies” is the bridal chamber. Baptism includes the resurrection and the redemption; the redemption (takes place) in the bridal chamber.

As Sophia was united with the Savior, her bridegroom, so the faithful would experience a union with their angel in the Pleroma (Holy Guardian Angel). The ritual of this sacrament is briefly indicated: “A few of them prepare a bridal chamber and in it go through a form of consecration, employing certain fixed formulae, which are repeated over the person to be initiated, and stating that a spiritual marriage is to be performed after the pattern of the higher Syzygia.

I believe the Hieros Gamos in the 9th sefirot can be compared to when Irenaeus makes reference to the Valentinian practice of the Bridal Chamber, “a ritualistic sacrament in which sexual union is seen as analogous to the activities of the paired syzygies that constitute the Valentinian Pleroma. Though it is known that Valentinus had a more relaxed approach to sexuality than much of the Catholic Church (he allowed women to hold positions of ordination in his community), it is not known whether the Bridal Chamber was a ritual involving actual intercourse, or whether human sexuality is here simply being used in a metaphorical sense.”

I would almost guarantee the rites applied to the Bridal Chamber were not metaphorical. For the gods, a symbolic offering brings symbolic blessings. The Hieros Gamos is performed by invoking an energy-being who possesses the “Priest” to get the “karuna” that a “female” orgasm provides. The energy-being then gives back energy used for the purposes of the intent of the ritual. It is extremely potent and very effective which is why Jewish Kabbalists are considered magickal.

As I said, there were numerous influences on the Jewish Kabbalah’s origins. We’ve seen the Gnostic connection, possibly through the Cathars, or maybe even the troubadours with whom the Cathars were connected. (Scholem. Origins. P. 15) but the paths to the Middle East created by the Templars and Hospitaliers now created easy ways for easier passage to the orient with whom the West now had commercial relations. (Scholem. Origins. P. 18)

The Sacred Marriage that was so prevalent in the ancient worlds completely disappeared by the time the Gnostics preached, yet vestiges remained. In MY mind, the Jews carried the Hieros Gamos with them through the Millennia to the present day because the whole context for its use has all but disappeared, except in the very center of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Apparently none of the gods I know have any idea why the Hieros Gamos is in the middle of the Jewish Kabbalah. Apparently there are different species of gods and the spirits that follow them. I have no connection with Enochian gods for example, or the Orishas. Which is why I’m not advocating for one system over the other. This is also the reason there’s rumors of a “War.” Those I follow are absolutely the ones we understand as demons. These beings may bring foreign concepts like a religion requiring sexual union that isn’t necessarily romantic. It is powerful, passionate and igniting, but not necessarily happily ever after – but they’re hardly malicious or harmful. There will be a time I’ll talk more about the daemon the Jewish worldviews are so afraid of. Some of it is simply cultural. Did you know, for example, Lucifer was an incarnation of Inanna whose gender was changed by the Canaanites to become Attar, son of the evening star? Lucifer is a Roman title for Attar, so Isaiah compared Nebuchadnezzar II to Lucifer after Rome took over Israel and the Jews wrote the story using the Roman title. Lucifer was worshiped in Southern Arabia in pre-Islamic times. Demons and Devils all have their own Karma, follow the same Divine Being from what I can tell, follow their own natures and believe they’re doing the right thing.

As far as I’m concerned, I elicited orgasms. No babies or chickens died at my altar. Oh well, I guess you can’t please everybody and had I been more left brained, I’d have been a scholar instead of a mystic and saved everybody a good deal of trouble.  But then I’d be under the jurisdiction of some university and probably not having nearly as much fun, and I can live with that.

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