Hermetics and Chaos Magicians have a lot in common. I’d say at his heart, David’s a Buddhist first and a Chaos Magician second and when I’ve talked to him, he sounds so much like a Hermeticist. Ideological labels such as Thelemic,  Hermetic, Orthodox Jew are useful for a shorthand explanation to quickly identify ourselves to others without too much introductory blather. But this isn’t true, it seems, for a sacred sexual ritualist. I had been having lunches regularly with a well-known Chicago pagan priest and mutual friend until one day he burst out in the middle of the restaurant and told me I should go back to where I came from with all those young naked girls prancing around. WHOA – it was in public and our friend got up with me and we both walked out and I never saw him again. I have to give the old man a break since he’s a senior citizen who takes “brain medicine” which I think he forgot that day… But the point being, it’s really hard to explain the Hieros Gamos to the uninitiated. I’m not afforded a label, and without a label, I don’t exist.

With that said, I’ve always gotten along with Hermetics. I met amazing people at Babalon Rising that had a strong Hermetic background — like the beloved, amazing, late, great Donald Michael Kraig and the extremely noble, charismatic and generous to a fault, Jason Newcomb. I’m going to bluster about these men from here to tomorrow as their reaction to our workshops about the sacred feminine were down right courtly. I am deeply touched by the graciousness I’ve always been shown by those with Hermetic training. Thank you all. Even Lon Milo DuQuette who I can’t say remembers much about me personally as he has so very many people that he’s touched through the years…but I can say he has ALWAYS purported himself with grace and — Class. From what I’ve seen, Hermetic Magick is marked by Independence, self-mastery and intelligence.

Hermeticism was actually reintroduced to the West when, in 1460, a monk named Leonardo de Candia Pistoia brought the Corpus Hermeticum to Pistoia. He was one of many agents sent out by Pistoia’s ruler, Cosimo de’ Medici, to scour European monasteries for lost ancient writings. (Salaman, Van Oyen, Wharton and Mahé,The Way of Hermes, p. 9)   I, in fact, believe the Tarot that we see coming out of the Medici court during the Renaissance was designed by a Hermetic who was deeply affected by the Monk Leonardo de Candia Pistoria. It could explain the Hermit in the 9th place in the Tarot as they were looking for a mystical role in the Tarot. If the Hermetics were attempting to bring together science and mysticism, there probably wasn’t (nor is) to figure out the role for a sexualized mysticism as seen in the Jewish Kabbalah. Absent information (remember Da’at?) in their own culture, there wasn’t much they could do but align it with what they knew. But we have to ask what about asceticism was so compelling to a mystic out of the 15th Century Renaissance?

Gnosticism became prominent in the 1st-2nd Century AD. They were a Christian faction whose core belief was that the material world was a rebellious act by a Creator God who was working against the wishes of a TRUE spirit God. It is interesting that these Paleiadians claim they are not physical, so apparently the universal God they honor is not physical nor is it affiliated with any physicality, and feel physicality is wrong. This might be reasonable expectation for non-corporeal entities, but they are also fed by this rich physical energy so that would seem to give physicality worth, unless they’re not connecting energy that seems non-corporeal with physicality. It all seems confusing, but be that as it may, these beings channeled to someone who may been an Essene, a Jewish community in the Mediterranean. They wrote the Book of Enoch over the course of 300 years. 300 BCE was a highly volatile time for the Jews after their first temple was destroyed and they were dealing with being constantly buffeted back and forth by the power of the hour. One can understand how Poland feels…right? But through all this instability, I can understand why a Jewish Mystical Tradition focusing on bringing forth a Messiah would bring some hope. The persons channeling Enoch felt this gave their work validation, being that Enoch was a couple thousand years old. Well, if that’s all it takes, Ayelward was a Sumerian king 4000 years ago, the worth of his channelings in our modern world have yet to be seen – but I’m not feeling much like a prophet. Philemon who inspired much of Jung’s work was at least a couple of thousand years old apparently – even more if you count Jung’s visions of prehistoric tribal experiences. OK, then, if the Book of Enoch was the standard for asceticism, let’s create another non-ascetic track developing rites and ethics that reconciles the material world with a fully transcended Divine.

To clear the slate:

  • Channeled information as HOLY is a matter of perspective. First Born did not FALL because of some violation against a spirit God’s wishes. This is why it’s so important to understand what non-corporeal factions are out there – Bringing the wrong energies together can be dangerous. It’s true chemically and energetically.
  • If Lilith is acting like a she-demon, then don’t pissed her off. I guarantee she’s NOT happy with how humans are mishandling Earth’s amazing resources. We understand this planet to be a breathing thing – and human beings are killing her and no, Lilith is NOT happy. So I can see her yelling at the top of her lungs, “YOU IDIOTS! LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE? HOW’D THAT WORK FOR YOU? YOU HAPPY NOW?” as the buildings are leveled at her feet. She probably didn’t level them – she’s walking through the rubble – shaking her head. That’s the Lilith I know.
  • The concept of evil is a Persian construct and fell into our Western consciousness with Alexander the Great opening the ways. The Taoists don’t think about evil…nor the Hindus… I believe we have enemies. I’m sure the antelope caught in the jowls of a female lioness believes to its heart she is a demon. She’s covering its nose and mouth with hers until it suffocates and then she rips open its chest before its heart has completely stopped beating. Is she evil? To be perfectly honest, I can’t guarantee there’s a life force more intensely evil than the human psyche. I am appalled at what we are capable of doing without regard for life or the pain others are suffering. Hell, we’ve stopped being introspective or paying attention to the world outside our cellphones. I’m feeling our perspective is too limited to be judging what is objectively EVIL.

So let’s start with a blank slate and set down some starting obvious rules.

  1. PLEASE don’t condone a Divine good vs Satanic evil binary that feeds an alien agenda at your expense. Let your own conscience and sense of responsibility be your guide.
  2. Try to wield the style of magick that fits your free will. If your magick is ascetic, practice it with pride but without imposing on others.
  3. Please respect the possibility that there might be cosmic relationships already forged by eternal familial contracts. We have no idea whether or not they practiced ancient rites in remote temple that truly bonded people for all eternity, whether or not both parties were corporeal.
  4. Attempt to avoid calling someone else’s practices “Evil.”
  5. If you decide to practice the Hieros Gamos, please make sure you can vouch that all parties understand the role of each participant and what to expect from future relationships. (Do we need to standardize and define roles? Can these standards and definitions change?)
  6. Please make sure all participants and their partners outside the rite know if someone involved has an STI and what to do about it.
  7. Please keep the rites private. What’s shared within the context of the rite stays within the boundaries of the rite.
  8. Speaking of boundaries: please share your boundaries with all participants of the rites and make sure all boundaries are honored.
  9. It is strongly advised that you do not practice the Hieros Gamos with cheating partners. The Magick you are invoking really does strongly affect karma. You don’t want to be responsible for universal implications unnecessarily.
  10. Please please please enter the Rites in Love and honor. Otherwise your intent won’t work.

For your information – the energetic karuna human beings offer is much like pollen of a flower. The priesthood takes the energy much like bees that return to a nest to make hives and honey for the gods. The method to remove it is pleasurable to the people much like it is to that flower. Flowers actually entice bees with its fragrance and color.

The Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi (see http://www.thedeviantminds.org/2016/04/28/the-courtship-of-inanna-and-dumuzi) is a magnificent story put to verse that reads as Shakespeare yet feels like porn. I remember blushing the first time I read it! Can you imagine the archaeologist that finally decoded these plates? I wish I could have seen their face! Clearly our society needs a Devil out of the Dark Ages that rebels against God. He wouldn’t be here otherwise. Perhaps some of us need the thrill.  Not me. I guess I’m a sucker for a good love story…I leave the horror films to my 11 year old grandson who loves that stuff!


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