THE STORY: David and I were married in 1984. I was 32 he was not yet 30. He’d been married before, and when his wife left him, he told his best friend’s girlfriend that his next wife’s name was Amanda. He only met me 2 years later. It turns out (not surprisingly) that he was as gifted a psychic as I was a mystic, yet it took us decades to learn how to work as a team.

He adopted the two girls I brought into the marriage. Rachel, my youngest, was skeptical. As Rachel, Elizabeth (her older sister), David and I were eating dinner one evening, she asked him if he were really a psychic. When he said yes, she pointedly asked him to prove it and tell her what she was thinking that moment. At that time she was a huge fan of Miami Vice. David looked her right in the eye and answered, “You’re thinking about frenching Don Johnson. Rachel was 8 years old and felt deeply violated. She learned to not doubt our talents. There are more stories, but this is not the venue to share it all.

The most compelling story, however, was that after we’d been married 12 years, I witnessed his conversion to the Mysticism that saturated our marriage one night when a number of synchronistic events happened in 20 minutes until finally he turned to me in shock saying “O my god this sh_t is REAL!!!!. From that night forward, he turned our life around 180 degrees. David became an amazing Magician for the workings we would do together throughout our years, both as my husband, a magician and High Priest of Temple Terra Incognita.

Out of the four of us, David most defines selfless sacrifice. I often said I would not have stayed for over 3 decades in any marriage, but he almost always changed incredibly hard personal characteristics to make sure he could keep this marriage together. Changing his personal viewpoint about mysticism being one example of an extremely intelligent, athletic man chasing me of much less stature according to many people’s standards to give me the wealth of a beautiful and nurturing home.

GEMATRIA: (3) What is a gimmel? The letter gimmel represents the benefactor or the giver of charity. The design of the letter gimmel is ex­plained in the Talmud as a rich man running to give charity to a poor person. According to Kabbalah the design of the gimmel is com­posed of two letters. The first is a vav, representing man, be­cause he stands upright.To the man’s left side is the second letter, a yud, which signifies both the foot and the act of giving.  Another suggestion is that because of its long neck, the gimmel looks like a camel. According to Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch, the word gimmel is similar to the Hebrew word gamal, which means “camel.”

There is an interesting aspect to the camel in daemonology. The Camel has a connection with Gomory, Lucifer’s oldest daughter who was intersexed. Actually Emi, our Lunar High Priestess deeply identifies with Gomory, Lucifer’s oldest daughter, as David deeply identifies with being Lucifer’s oldest son. This is a connection I’m going to have to look at later. Historically, Lucifer was a Canaanite deity taken from the Sumerian Inanna, thus Isaiah’s reference to Lucifer’s connection to the morning star. Will expand on this in a different document.

The numerical value of gimmel is three. The power of the number three is its ability to combine two contrast­ing forces—to bring about integration. What does this mean? The first reality is [the Divine]. Then there’s a second reality, the world. And these realities contradict each other….” There is a story told of Aristotle’s student, Alexander the Great, who one day entered his master’s home unannounced. To his astonishment, Alexander found Aristotle engaged in im­moral behavior. Later, when they were alone, Alexander asked, “Is this the way of the great Aristotle—the philosopher, the teacher, the mentor? Is this proper ethical behavior?!” Aristotle responded, “When I teach you philosophy and the wonders of the world, I’m Aristotle. But here, in private, I’m not Aristotle.“

MEANINGGimmel has several meanings. One is to nourish until ripe. Another meaning of gimmel is “to be weaned.” At first glance, the concepts of being weaned and nourished until ripe seem con­tradictory. When you’re nourishing, you are giving. When you’re weaning, you are ceasing to give. In essence, however, they are consistent, because if you nourish until ripe, you no longer have to give.

As mentioned, the gimmel is also called gamal, or camel. The camel itself embodies the process of weaning and nourishing, as it is able to sustain itself on journeys of vast distances after being sufficiently watered. We also note that gimmel is similar to the word gomel, to be kind or benevolent. The camel is able to help the sojourner survive the harsh desert sun by carrying him to his destination. The word gimmel in Aramaic is gamla, or bridge. One can say that the bridge is the humpback of the camel itself, which provides the means and structure to bring people where they need to go. The concept of gimmel is the blending of disparate ele­ments into a harmonious whole. Just as the gimmel signifies the connection between the poor and the wealthy person, so does it represent the merger, the bridge, between the material world and the reality of the Divine.

So the third letter and card represent the camel and being independent and strong enough to carry a heavy burden over the large haul. More importantly though it’s about his ability to channel the Elders that created the link or bridge between the material world and the Divine.


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