Lyris is a Gardnerian witch who at the time she initiated Terra Incognita into existence was a PhD candidate at a prominent university studying Neuroscience, more specifically the effects music and its vibrations have on the brain even in the deaf and hard of hearing. As if this scholarly path was not challenging enough, her spirituality was seeped in the occult and pagan earth mysteries which was completely contrary to everything her scientific community believed or encouraged. It was extremely difficult balancing both aspects in her life, but she succeeded and is now a wife to another neuroscientist and raising their young son.

Lyris is our “Core,” initiated Terra Incognita. We learned much about myth, ritual and the managing of energy through her. Here she is in the midst of “prayer” in front of an altar which I did not include in my rendering. She personifies intelligence, curiosity, uninhibited life with courage and dedication to her goals.

Lyris is a fitting Queen of Air, master of the mind and one of the four Matriarchs, consort to the Daemon that feeds the Tree of Life

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