5th of EARTH

A couple of years after David and I started our Mission with the Anunnaki, David began engaging in deep relationships with Submissives after we’d tried rotating in different people for a couple of years to feed the Process.  We found bringing another person into our marriage complicated and inconvenient, but so much easier than the hunt and chase we’d been doing before. The young lady who inspired this card was the first of David’s 3 serious submissive which we met somewhere around 2002. She was in her 40s, a single mom raising her 11 year old daughter. Now, of coarse, it seems we should have seen the red flags right from the start, but she was a strong witch with a facility for “holding court” when she was on. One day we were standing out in our driveway during one of our soirees and she said to me, “you know what I’m most afraid of?” I said no. She said “that” pointing to the closed kitchen window where voices were fading in and out. I was puzzled. She continued “I believe I will always be the one standing out alone on the driveway while everyone else is inside being part of something wonderful.”

In magickal terms, we found out Mara was David’s surrogate and a hybrid. I’m hoping I’ve explained this elsewhere, but if not, well, here she is, Lilith’s daughter, holding an apple because she’s told to hold an apple because its archetypal. I think David was going for Eve in a school girl outfit. She left badly burning some bridges. She really was the little girl who made it impossible to fit in.

For me the 5 of Earth is that we’re now integrating into the world in a way that we effect others and their agenda. The challenge is to cooperate with the agenda of others without compromising ones personal values. There’s always a power struggle of either having the power or not in the 5 of Earth. We just have to not be left out in the cold.

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