THE STORY: The members of Temple Terra Incognita practiced an authentic Hieros Gamos based on channelings we experienced since 1998. These rituals invoked the Beings with whom we’d been in communication, They would fill David with their essence and have sex with the cauldron (a female) on the alter which which would cycle energy once she released an orgasm. That is the Hieros Gamos. We practiced this ritual in the temple upstairs for over 15 at which time we retired. David and his “Binah” still perform the Hieros Gamos faithfully though privately to cycle energy for the next phase of our Mission.

I had to design a card that symbolized this practice and found an excellent image in the Lovers card in the Epic Deck Published by Lo Scarabeo, art by Paolo Martinello, the deck produced by Riccardo Minetti. As you see I made some revisions to make it more relevant for YESOD rather than TIFERET. As you see, the white statue under our alter replaces the stone one becoming the Entity that possesses the man (also white) who’s ritually inseminating the woman – pushing her right to the edge. I’ve cleaned out the temple scenery outside their window and nobody is standing guard. There’s also a Mesopotamian lily growing beneath them representing the fecundity of their rite.

I sympathize with Riccardo – I have repeatedly seen him attempt to present the cards as they were before Waite – with Justice in VIII and Strength in XI. I explain the cards as they were organized and why — e lsewhere and don’t want to waste time here – but  the Tree of Life, both Jewish and Hermetic, is suppose to be seen as a whole piece – and the dynamic is all wrong when you make Justice XI and strength VIII. As I say, I believe the Hermetics created archetypes from the major arcanum present in the Medici court so they could double as flashcards for magick. That’s my read on it…though many would hold to convention and those who follow Waite’s convention — is simply throwing the balance of the cards off.

hermit-epic-deckConversely, the traditional Hermit resides here in the IXth position which reflects Strength (I call inner strength) in XI.  For the Hermetics, there seems to be a need for solitary reflection and seeking or giving guidance in this card.

Therefore if we look at IX from the view of the Jewish Kabbalists, our couple is blessing our passage either back to the Natural World or on to Transcendence as we leave this mortal coil in the XXI.

GEMATRIA: The numerical value of tes is nine. This corresponds to the nine months of pregnancy. Furthermore, the number nine is a “true” number. Truth or אמת (emes), is spelled alef—the first letter of the alef-beis; mem—the middle letter; and the tav4—the last letter. The lesson is that something that is true must be true at the beginning, middle, and end.

What makes nine a “true” number is that if you multiply any whole number by nine, the sum of its digits is also nine; e.g., two times nine is eighteen; one plus eight is nine. Three times nine is twenty-seven; two plus seven is nine. Nine times nine is eighty-one; eight plus one is nine. Finally, the gematria of emes is 441: alef=1, mem=40, tav=400. 4 and 4 and 1=9. Nine repre­sents the number of truth.

MEANING: The design of the tes is like a pot, a vessel with an inverted rim, representing hidden or inverted good. How are the two connected? We just explained the letter ches as representing the concept of mar­riage. After the union between husband and wife, then, there’s a conception. The tes represents the hidden good that resides within the womb (the vessel) of the mother. This hidden good is actualized through a person’s invocation to the Daemon, asking Them for a healthy child.

Tet is also about giving the Truth of representing a Magickal working. So much misinformation through the years have created a great deal of damage. Honest representation of what we can do is the most important thing now.


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