The *Hieros Gamos* is an Ancient Greek label for an older Middle Eastern Sacred Marriage where the King of a Mesopotamian city-state had a sacred sexual union with the city’s High Priestess. Yes it was very erotic, terribly sexual and as far as the citizens were concerned, brought in a good harvest. These traditions lasted 3500 years passing from culture to culture until at some point religions sprung up that supported the eradication of religious and spiritual sex. Soon these practices were reduced to fetishes without associations with either deity, life force or even respect. The sacred whores went from honored artists and benefactors to social parasites. Modern sacred whores are becoming more and more associated with victims of human trafficking. These very real social issues have always been targets for ritualists whose access to the “energy” generated by Sacred Marriages are kept more and more out of reach.

I believe the Hieros Gamos so strongly pronounced within the Jewish mythos, was deliberately wiped from Western European Medieval religions because the ancient rites confused their ascetic sensibilities. I mean seriously — what do you do with a government official (King, mayor or whatever) having sex with Mother Superior as a public rite? and yet they could publicly burn heretics alive …

Christianized Tarot cards mocked a Jewish mystical process, cleansed this practice and diverted it away from human consumption. Through the centuries, these cards, rich with religious symbolism, masqueraded as an innocent card game that buried the original sexualized exchanges of a robust and lusty celebration by distracting us away from the divine passion preferring the ascetic mysticism of a hermit. Within the language of Tarot, instead of repeatedly retelling this sad story, we can turn the tables and and get back to the original intent and manipulate pips and images on a card (sigils) to change the outcome.

I explained the Devil in my last entry — with lots of footnotes to show you I’m not making stuff up. This post doesn’t have click-ons and footnotes, though you can have them on request. But the point…The point is we need our Sacred Marriage. We need to bring myth back in a sensible way. No, myth is not a fairy tale. Science uses math, magick uses myth. Its a language, just not a popular one right now outside of video games. And it would be so easy to start this revolution by reorganizing our ideas and concepts of Tarot.

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