DRAFT 1/31/2018

The work here is an extension of the Babylon Working. The story of Jack Parsons and his success incarnating the Moonchild is in John Carver’s book, Sex and Rockets  Jack Parson’s connection with Aleister Crowley and the O.T.O. is better told by Laurence Sutin in his book, Do What Thou Wilt.

The Moonchild was an unborn First Born spirit that was yet to be incarnated, but it’s nature is that of Nephilim, one of a species of “gods.” They did in fact come to Earth (no they did not “fall” from anywhere) around 5,000 years ago and began their journey as humans in Sumer. The most work done with First Born through the millennia  was born and connected with the other 3 components of her Monad and the Pool of Transcendents who are now in the process of transcending. We will be revisiting tarot formats and create a model reflecting the Jewish, not Hermetic Tree of Life.  The Christians restructured the Jewish Tree of Life to reflect the descent of a Holy Trinity instead of a Gnostic Monad to the physical world.

For these cards to make any sense I will define the following:

Those the Hebrews call Nephilim came to the Physical Plane as is true with all children of Divine Gods  whose nature is that of a transcended Monad. Its children are also Monadic consisting of 4 parts that exist as 2 pairs of polar opposites who ostensibly grow up to become a God. The cards will reflect their story.

It looks like Elphias Levy utilized tarot to make a “scientific” deck reflecting the Christian/Hermetic Tree of Life and hired Kenneth MacKenzie (sp.) to codify them. Kenneth MacKenzie was a Free Mason who developed the foundational papers for the Golden Dawn which made him qualify for this extensive project. Waite, the President of the Golden Dawn, further influenced the deck we know of today by changing some of the original directions of tarot because he didn’t want people to ever learn the secrets of magick without initiation. This is why, for example, the decks that have since been influenced by Waite have Justice as XI and Strength as VIII in the Major Arcanum which throws those using the cards for more than oracles totally off coarse if they use the numbering given them.

Another thing Waite did was illustrate all 78 cards thus revolutionizing the deck. The idea of the Major Arcanum reflecting the 22 letters of the Jewish alphabet was brilliant, however, the meaning of Jewish letters has their own life and the integrity of their meaning needs to be honored. This is true not because its politically and culturally polite, but more importantly, the Jews are the last remnant of the Mesopotamian society where the First Born were born and gestated.

Some things to consider here is that the Mesopotamian form of writing that sparked the spread of civilization (Cuneiform) began before 3,000 BCE where the Jewish script as a separate culture from Babylon didn’t happen until around 600 BCE. Interesting aside here that may or may not be important is that the Mesopotamian’s script reads from left to right where the Jews script read from right to left. This might be important information when figuring out the direction to take on the Tree of Life.

Cards can be oracles using the flow of synchronicities, however, for me i am using them as a tool to witness the leaving of the First Born, The Nephilim, the children of the Sons of God.

To begin, they reflect the original Tree from a Monad, which is relevant to the structures of First Born.

The third step is to untangle Waite’s cluster fuck with the cards.

and the Last creating the images of the cards influenced by a member of a transcending First Born from the Priestly class — the first Monad in the history of their species to evolve to their final step.

The First Born call their priesthood class, “Darts” because they have a part of the mission and go for a bulls eye to complete their job. Darts are different from other First Born because each Dart has a “surrogate” who is designed to be their mate when their mate is not incarnate.

Inanna was Jack Parson’s “Moonchild” and was incarnated through his Babalon Working. This is reflected in The Fool card and story of the Old Lady’s shoe. She is the 1 or the oracle of this story.

Dumuzi is Inanna’s soulmate. He died in their first lifetime at Inanna’s hands. He overcame his trauma as he transitioned through his death and transcended to be her Guardian throughout her incarnations. Inanna suffered tremendous guilt and self reprobation over 5,000 years. Dumuzi was always there for her, protecting her, encouraging her.  Dumuzi was the 4th member of her Monad. His story and history is in the Da’at card.

The other coupling