DEMYTHOLOGIZING THE DEVIL – a cultural pool timeline

(reference notes forthcoming)

Where the Satan morphs from a devoted servant of the Divine into a malevolent force of nature (is there such a thing?)


5400 BCE The first Sumerians and Ubaid found Eridu, the first city.
3100 BCE-2900 BCE Built the Walls of Gilgamesh
Circa 2335 BCE Sargon the Great (Moses?) destroys walls of Gilgamesh in his campaign to unify the northern Semitic Akkadians with southern Sumerian/Semitics
1900 BCE – 1700 BCE Enuma Elish recovered by Austen Henry Layard in 1849 (in fragmentary form) in the ruined Library of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh (Mosul, Iraq), and published by George Smith in 1876
1850 BCE Abraham of Ur
1304-1237 BCE Ramses III – Thought to be the Pharoh described in Exodus and separation of Jews from Egyptians: There is no historical proof there was an exodus of this magnitude in history.
1175 BCE Founding of Persia
H. 1126 – 1100 BCE Nebuchadrezzar I rescues Marduk from Assyrians ?
I. 1011 – 971 BCE King David rules; biblical assignation of Phoenecian/Israeli alliance. Satan blamed when David taxes people.?
C 960 BCE Solmon builds 1st temple
C 930 BCE Solomon dies
928 BCE Kingdom of Israel divided into north (Israel/Tribe of Joseph) and south (Tribe of Judah) Jews. Initial gathering of oral traditions from north and south to put into writing.
8th century – Persian Prophet Zoraster organizes Persian chaotic deity into Septa Mainyu-good spirit/Angra Mainyu bad spirit/Ahura Mazda – God
597 BCE Nebuchadrezzar II invades Southern Kingdom, destroys the temple, expels the Jews ?
Isaiah invokes Lucifer (A Canaanite Deity) to symbolize King of Babylon
537 Cyrus the Great Liberator, conquers Babylon, allows Jews to return and build 2nd temple: evolving tales of good v. evil.?
330 BCE Alexander the Great conquers Persia and attempts massive assimilation.?
300 BCE – 1 BCE Books of Enoch ?
• Book of the Watchers: Fallen Angels are Father of Nephilim
• Book of Parables: Eschotology/Destiny of Fallen Angels
• The Astronomical Book/The Book of Heavenly Illuminaries
• The Book of Dream Vision: Book of Dreams
• The Book of Enoch
137 BCE Maccebee Revolt: Took power back in temples (tribal v. Hellinistic Jews)
Jubilees Apocryphal Book Supports Macabbee’s stance ?

3d – 1st Century Essenes
• Seceded from Zadokite Priests
• Branch of Pharisees conforming to the most rigid rules of Levitical purity while aspiring to the highest degree of holiness
• Lived solely through their hands in a holy state
• Devoted their time to study, devotion, practiced benevolence and refrain from sensual pleasures to be initiated into the highest mysteries of heaven in order to trigger the messianic time to come
• Claimed covenant between God and Moses broken as was ethnic identity
• Large Essene population around the Dead Sea
37 BCE-100 CE Josephus Flavius: Jewish historian who was raised Jerusalem gave first-hand account of destruction of 2nd temple. His father took him to Rome where he saw Rome’s might. Returned to Israel and warned Jews not to fight. The consequences would be disastrous and they were.
64 CE Book of Mark
66 CE Jewish Rebellion
70 CE Destruction of the Temple
C 70 CE 4 Gospels, Matthew, Luke/Acts and John
50-100 CE Gnostic Gospels war between son of light and son of darkness
85 CE – 160 CE Marcion of Snope said Old Testament God was mean, but Jesus was nice. They had to be two different Gods.
180 CE Irenaeus writes 5 Vol. work against heretics; labels Gnostics, “Marcineans”?
Tirtullian points out heresy means choice so heretics make evil choices?
324 CE Constantine becomes sole Emperor
410 CE Fall of the Roman Empire
12th – 15th Centuries Institution of the Inquistion began in France through Spain and Portugual and ended during the Age of Reason
1308 – 1321 The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighiere?
1320 Witchcraft added to inquisitor list of heretics?
1480 – 1750 40,000 – 200,000 killed and tortured during Witch hunts – 80% were women
1484 Pope Innocent VIII gave Inquisitors authority to torture and kill witches.
1558 Age of Reason
1611 King James Bible published
1875 Blavatsky defines Lefthand Path and calls it harmful.
Gerald Gardner publishes Witchcraft today
1966 Anton Levay publishe Satanic Bible
1968 Rosemary’s Baby: Witches coven sacrifices to Satan
1973 Exorcist: Movie star’s 12 yr old daughter is possessed by Demon
1975 Michael Aquinas establishes Temple of Set.