1st of earthThis is the First of Earth from the Tarot of the Sacred Marriage deck. The picture comes from  womb cave carved out by a prehistoric Michaelangelo in the mountains 24 km from Kardzhali Bulgaria. It could just as easily be a nod to Judy Chicago’s 1978 Dinner Party which is being exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum. The Brooklyn Museum chose to describe the upside down triangle dinner table as a symbol for equality  to capitulate with the prudery so prevalent in contemporary American Society. The upside down triangle has represented female as far back as early Sumer cir. 3000 BCE. (see #4 in the following chart for early cunieform.)

As with the other Elemental Firsts, we’re talking about the entry of a spirit into this mortality. In this case, its a response to a “Sacred Marriage” performed a couple of times a year high in a Bulgarian cave in the mountains just west of the Black Sea. Within the Element of Earth and true to life’s foundations in the 1st dimension, Earth carries our resources, attributes being the proper environment, community, supplies and skills to carry a project to the end. Answers the practical and physical questions like who’s involved? what’s the plan? and where are you doing it?

About Ace of Pentacles, Mary Geer says: Body Sustaining; Materialization of ideas; centering or grounding your energy; new project; financial offer; seeds of prosperity and security; a promise of physical well-being and material comforts; spiritual potential. I believe this card says all of this.

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