TFOURTH OF WATERhis fort was the brainchild of a child who is far enough in his emotional development to be proud of being a part of his family. The fort on the beach is probably a family project involving more than just the child, but even so, this child claims the project in the name of his clan. Applying the picture to the concept of water and relationships, by the Fourth Degree of Water, the nascent relationship of the relationship has evolved enough to be invited to dinner with the family for the first time. The new partner may feel put on the spot, but they survive the tension and find themselves closer within the body of the family. Scary but satisfying and ready to go steady and see if this will sustain the couple through real life decisions.

Of the Four of Water Mary Greer feels the emotional satisfaction happens when the card is reversed. It seems to be an astrological consideration that I don’t agree with as I look at the emotional development of our psyche. I see the fourth degree as being about reconsidering options, psychic awareness; unforeseen solutions; breaking through discontent.

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