Within the context of HESED (love/Mercy) in the Tree of Life, Drake’s domain as the Priest King lies on the right pillar.  His domain is the door between the Divine and psychic world. He offers mercy and peace which is why the Olive Branch. Through Faith (taking his 4 away from 20) the inner workings of HESOD is to gain power over institutional intrusion into magick (XVI THE TOWER). These are the structures of our time that castrate energy along its paths and exchanges in an attempt for ultimate control of economic power that satisfies personal agendas. Drake’s amazing work has been to funnel magic and a means into inner journeys through modern academics is awe-inspiring.

Drake has access to people’s dreams and psyche that he uses to help pull together the pieces of the soul.  His talents are incorporated into his psychotherapuetic practice where he liberally uses Jungian archetypes to identify spiritual issues. This is especially important in an environment where there is no resources in our white Western European Culture that seems devoid of soul, spirit, deity. The Priesthood is a calling from our transcended Elders. Whatever qualifications call human beings to this lost profession is outside our legal and moral radar. Drake is often prevented from enacting ancient practices that use the life’s energies for his purposes. As a devoted husband and ethical state-licensed mental health practitioner though he continues to carve a path through modernity to reintroduce soul retrieval into the classroom. But its his work with people in vulnerable situations that makes his sensitive practices life changers. For me, he is the perfect person to enliven this position. You can hear Drake on our podcast at the Deviant Minds Salon.

Abu, the 4th member of our MONAD is Transcended and has no Earthly existence. Perhaps coincidentally, he fits comfortably into Da’at and is an extension of the 1 even as ordinarily the 1 would be an extension of him. Symbolically a transcended can’t carry a letter so being connected to the first letter with THE FOOL is appropriate. Thus the fourth letter DALET then corresponds to our shaman/priest which in tarotic symbolism would ordinarily be the Emperor, is more sympathetic with the “Hierophant.”  He becomes a hybrid of Institutional Power of a King or Emperor as well as organizational churches which have always been our understanding of the meaning of all things Divine. There is a push back from those receiving independent experiences as we see in the Tower with the lightening that strikes at the heart of Institutional paradigms.

GEMATRIA: The gematria of dalet is four. Four represents the Matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. It also represents the four created worlds as explained in Kabbalah: Atzilus, Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah. In addition, dalet signifies the four basic elements of Creation: fire (energy), air (gas), water (liquid) and earth (solid). 

The FOUR is every Monad’s connection between the ONE and the other three worlds: According to Torah, the Divine promises the Jews redemption.  “I will take you out,” “I will save you,” “I will redeem you.” 

In other words, The Great Monad has saved It’s Nephilim who are now going home transformed and redeemed.


MEANING:  Thus, the 4th letter meaning “Priesthood” is appropriate as this is the doorway between the Divine and mankind. The first purpose to the number 4 is the Monad or the Jewish Yud Hei Vav Hei one of the names of G-D. It is said that, The dalet represents a doorpost and a lintel. The vertical line is the doorpost; the horizontal line is the lintel. Once connected with Daemonic Guardians you must ask for help. You could be in the worst crisis ever and they will not help unless you ask. Reaching through the doorway with humility to ask for their help is a key. If you can’t, the priesthood can, which is the point to what Drake does as Drake is the interpreter. In a tarotic setting the Hierophant says as above so below.

There’s a fascinating aside regarding the dalet. The 20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, reish, which we will see later is a dalet with a yud, the 10th letter. The yud is a very small letter with a lot of power. It differentiates the dalet in the hebrew word echad in the Shma prayer ( G-D is one-אחד) from the letter reish. When the yud is removed from dalet in echad, the dalet becomes reish and echad becomes acher, it’s meaning is no long G-D is one, but rather G-D is “other” (אחר) sending a chill down the backs of Nephilim everywhere.

I have never interacted with a Daemon that thought themselves a god. They have always understood their role and are fiercely loyal to the original Monadic ONE.  THE true monadic ONE, is so much greater than any usurper could possibly be. The fear that evil lurks anywhere is ludicrous in the face of the yiddish word, b’shert – what is meant to be. The ultimate Faith in that which you say you worship. I say RELEASE your fear. Have FAITH in that which is your true parent. Use the good sense you were provided while reading scripture and so again I say Amen.


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