KETER: CONSCIOUSNESS. The Monad (or ONE) symbolically represented by KETER consists of 4 archetypes represented here within the Gnostic World of Intelligence. As the Alef makes no sound, the one has little power, but is fed by the network of “gods” or Elders. This is why the 1 is the oracle. The Hermetics were being a little ironic here as The Fool was often the most knowledgeable and creative person in the King’s Court. Like Bards, they often entertained in order to teach deep truths. The way to opening to a “higher” dimension is by being open and trusting. This is not familiar to mankind who needs a religion to protect them from unknown forces.

STORY: My first transcendent experience was at a Mother Goose theme park in Dallas Texas when I was three years old. One of their exhibits was the Old Lady’s Shoe which consisted of a small single room with a flight of stairs printed on the wallpaper beginning on my left and ending at a printed balcony overhead that ostensibly led to a doorway on the right. A man and his daughter were already filling the space when I entered. The shoe wasn’t built to accommodate adults so they quickly exited and I was left alone staring at a small empty space. Turning to leave I heard, “Psst, Amanda.” I looked around to see who called my name and there on the bottom of the stairway – printed on the wallpaper – 3 little girls about 6-7 years old in play dresses, waving at me and teasing each other while scampering up the stairs. Again they called “Amaaaandaaaa!” and there they were at the banister over my head waving, leaning over to reach further out toward me before scampering out the door on the 2nd floor. Shocked, I rushed outside to my mother who snapped a picture with her Brownie camera as I left the shoe behind.

This moment defined my life and motivated my every decision for the rest of my life.I believe the reason the Hermetics created the Tarot was to utilize magickal principles under the noses of the Inquisition. They used the Kabbalah as a structure changing many important aspects around to avoid the inevitable confrontation with both contacting human/entity contact as well as their sexual interactions. I am creating a deck of tarot cards specifically for magickal purposes that reflect the potent Jewish Kabbalah, the tenants of which were raised in Ancient Babylonia.

In the TREE OF LIFE, AIN SOPH is 0, the default Void before the first card of KETER . Traditionally, The Fool starts it”s journey into the Major Arcana where we enter into a realm of our potentials – the Spirit of the Divine. The Jewish mindset sets the first four sefirots in what they call the World of Intelligence. Tarotically speaking, this card is the introduction into the world of Spirit. Not the spooky, oozy, clangy, moany kind; but a very clear interaction with intelligent consciousness. As you will see, the letter Aleph gives a luster to the mystic’s skills.

GEMATRIA: Every letter of the alef-beis has a numerical value, or gematria. The gematria of alef is one, representing the one (or oneness of) G‑d, as we say in the famous prayer: “Hear, O Israel, G‑d is our L-rd, G‑d is One.”

On a more complex level, we explained that the form of the alef comprises three letters: two yuds and a vav. The gematria of the yud is ten—two yuds being twenty. A vav is six; the sum of all three totaling twenty-six. One of the great names of G‑d is the Four Letter Name י-ה-ו-ה, the Tetragrammaton, or Ineffable Name. The gematria of the Yud (=10), the Hei (=5), the Vav (=6) and the Hei (=5) totals 26, the same as the yud-vav-yud of the alef. Through the connection of their respective gematrios, the alef represents G‑d’s Ineffable Name. We will also see the 10 in the Tetraktys or 10 of AIR.

MEANING: The Mystic was labeled Fool in that we find our answers in the universal symbolism, not within the fibers of our mortality. The Mystic walks in Faith. Interesting quote from the next letter, Beis which says that Beis also represents the level of intellect, in contrast to the alef, which represents faith.  There is an important link here where this connection with faith aligns with the 20th letter being REISH meaning evil and evil’s esoteric absolution through the exoteric structure of faith.

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