I was intrigued that the Tarot designation for the sacred feminine is a nameless Fate. Also interesting is the part Shamash as the Sun God plays in the Jewish Religion and his connection as a Babylonian God and why I believe he belongs in the seat of the XX Judgment. Perhaps the structures around Kabbalah and Gnostics have their antecedent, farther back. Especially as Pythagoras played a prominent role in the Renaissance as is seen in the High Art of the time. Pythagoras loved tying everything together, music, architecture, math. For him it was of a piece. And then linking Pythagoras with Spinoza. I thought about Pythagoras today as I used a compass to draw the circles and a protractor to mark of 36 degrees for each section demarcating the cards. There is a mathematics at play here – I know there is – Also see Major Arcanum, THE SUN.

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