This is my son Robert, in whom I am well pleased … He was not happy that I was taking his picture when he was in the middle of eating his clam chowder. He survived it and gave me the stern card I kinda needed.

I knew from the time I was little that I’d have a boy, but he didn’t come until I was in my late 30s and all but done with my baby years. I love babies and love being pregnant. My 2 girls were wonderful little girl experiences and finally learned to bond after years of rivalry. The difference was Elizabeth and Rachel were part of my youth and discovery stage. They did so much to teach me how to be a 4 dimensional human being. Our bond as women expanding the blood line is illustrated in my 10 of cups. Robert was begotten through marriage and carries the crown as the last of the Torrey line. He is the King. At the time of this card, he and his Teresa have decided not to have children — They may adopt they have no interest in bringing yet another child into this world. David is not happy, but accepts their decision. David’s all to aware, he very well may be seeing his blood line’s end and its sobering.

Funny how that works, isn’t it? The female’s work is to bring the children through to propagate our blood line. The man is to ensure their label moves forward yet another generation. hmmmm – something to think about. As King, Robert is making some profound decisions, even if at 25 he’s not fully aware of them.

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