Last edited April 29, 2017

TRADITIONALLY SPEAKING: Tarotic descriptions and illustrations for the 52 cards (56 with added knights) was popularized by Rider Waite deck that was published in the early 20th century. Elements applied to the regular deck of playing cards became important.

My contribution is to change the labels of the elements to names for the four rivers that fed into one that watered the Garden of Eden in Gen. 2:10. Thus, we’ll have the Tree of Life that as symbolized by the Jewish Kabbalah fed by a river which has 4 sources reflecting the manifesting of the four archetypes into the Monad. Individually each one takes on the characteristic of an element in this dimension: the River of Air, the River of Water, the River of Earth and the River of Fire.

COURT CARDS: The King becomes a GUARDIAN OF THE GATE of the suit which means there is a Being between the real world and the next dimension which is at the front lines of keeping spirits with evil intent out. The Queen is the embodiment of the suit as it should be to honor the four matriarchs as shown in the Major Arcanum. The Knight is the Action of the suit. Finally the Page brings curiosity of the suit and devotion to its teacher.

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