As of January 25, 2018, Talkshoe who was storing the archived files for this podcast lost their stored files before 2015 so I no longer have these wonderful interviews. All I can do is keep the files that were the introductions to each interviewee. Man I’ll mourning the loss of these voices for a long time. Donald Michael Craig is dead. It’s been almost a decade since DMS… 


Well, release they tell me. OK, but here are some of the people that made this such a memorable show.

Initiating the first stage in 2011 with a podcast which defined the individual parts being:

1. the mind which defined the problem as social marginalization;

2. the body which defines human as comprised of a variety of spectrums spanning across gender, sexuality, intelligence and vision;

3. finally the heart and body partnering to define spirit as a mystery which slowly reveals its presence in the sacred.A