3D OF EARTHThis card represents the third degree of the Element of Earth. The fetus that entered into the womb (1st degree) was fertilized (2nd degree) is now manifested as a new born. The potential presented at its entry into the world begins here.

At this stage the baby needs attention and nurturing from a family unit for us to see the product of a the fully manifested adult actualized in the King.

There is a new project taking off at this time. Whether the project is yours or a job you were hired for, you are working with a team and see the need for money and time before it will yield results.

Of the Three of Earth Mary Greer says “working with others” which can easily find the shaping of an all inclusive community whether family, school or neighborhood where everyone knows their role. Much around the development of a productive team is mirrored in this card and the vital importance of teamwork in for our culture and society.

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