THIRD OF WATERI probably would prefer 3 otter frolicking together in the water, but I was seeing the Eastern influence at the First of Air and the Koi ponds are truly beautiful. Interesting that one of my favorites is at a Beer Garden on the north side of Chicago, very near Graceland Cemetery. It’s on the other side of the wall from the bar as you walk toward the outside patio. It is quite lovely.

The third degree of water is about being seen together as a couple within the context of a wider community. It could also be the beginnings of the coalescing of a team – a coming together of a group of friends that find common interests. In this pond the fish are close to the bottom of the pond…their ties becoming deeper.

Of the three of water Mary Greer says: Friendship; communication; enjoyment of others; celebration and joy; shared ideals; bonding; congeniality; alliance; party; merriment rituals; gatherings; hospitality attending or participating in an event or performance; fruitfulness; pregnancy [depending on the other cards surrounding it – on its own, not so much]; attending or participating in a performance achievement; a toast.

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